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Friday, February 25, 2011

Yüksek Sadakat will live it up for Turkey

The easiest way for Turkey in eurovision would probably be to join Greece on the eternal beach party, dance all night long and shake it like your life depended on it.

Instead, TRT has tried out various ways of altering the typical eurosong sounds, and this year rock band Yüksek Sadakat will represent them with this entry:

Yüksek Sadakat - Live It Up (Turkey 2011)

Turkey has had a lot of success with rockier songs by Athena, Mor ve Ötesi and maNga, and has been top four all years but one since 2007.

This song can seem a bit uncatchy at first, but becomes more seizable by the end, where it presents a real hook for the audience to hold on to.

If the amount of rock songs is not surprisingly high in Düsseldorf, then this could result in another very impressive showing for Turkey.

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