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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Melodifestivalen begins (and I am a bit excited)

Saturday sees the first out of four semi finals, on Friday Sveriges Radio P4 will play snippets of the songs, already tomorrow there will be a prelistening show online at Melodifestivalens official website here .

Today, the press had its first listen to the songs - a thing that usually result in quite a lot of press coverage. A little less than expected this year, I must admit.

Schlagerprofilerna (who were both members of the jury selecting the entries in the first place) are extatic, while Torbjörn Ek of Aftonbladet is a lot less pleased after a first listening.

Now I want to hear the songs and judge for myself, of course. A review will surface here as soon as I have heard the snippets.

For everyone else who can not wait and needs to hear something melodifestival-related, I can warmly recommend SR Melodifest , broadcasting 24/7 until Eurovision is over in May.


  1. Ronny wasn't in the jury. Just me.

  2. Oswald:
    My bad. :)
    But what is it like hearing the songs again now? Are all of them like you remembered / expected them to be?