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Friday, February 18, 2011

Spain will select (something mediocre) tonight

Tonight Spain will hold their national final, "Destino Eurovision", where three acts will sing three songs each. One of these will be given the golden ticket to represent Spain in Düsseldorf.

At an early stage, Spanish politicians noticed that the RTVE's results lately have given little if any positive attention abroad, which should be a severe waste of money in these times of crisis. RTVE responded by promising more of an effort this year.

They have staged a large talent show to find suitable performers and sent out a separate call for songs. Now they have matched the best talent with the best songs and my jaw drops.

Is this what they call an effort?

All three finalists are OK, likeable people who seem to be able to sing. But the songs are luke warm little songs that I can't imagine will do anything for anyone.

Surprising, as many of the shortlisted songwriters have written a lot better songs in other finals elsewhere.

Part of the problem could be that the songwriters do not know who they are writing for, and then they adapt the songs so anyone could sing them. Which efficiently takes out any personality or bite out of the songs.

So Spain has to select between nine pretty indifferent songs, all of which would have been acceptable at a smaller country's final. But Spain is one of the Big Five, for crying out loud.

There is no defensible reason for RTVE to clown about like this. The Spanish music industry is strong and productive, and with a bit of an effort Spain could be at least in top ten every year with contemporary entries, helping to push the contest forward.

Once upon a time, Spain was never afraid to show its teeth on the Eurovision stage. They sent in whatever they wanted and seemed to care very little whether Europe bought it or not.

How I long for those times on days like this.

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  1. totally agree!
    it's clear that rtve is not interesed in organizing a festival... then why mislead the audience? personally find more honest the position of Italy... until now.
    Greetings from Spain