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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweden, semi 1: a bit of a surprise

Well, the first semi in Sweden is over and a little bit of a strange feeling is materialising. Everything seemed to go according to plan, but in the end... I'm not so sure it did.

Even when the general level on the participating material hasn't been totally up to scratch, the entertainment has taken over and it has been easy to enjoy your evening in front of the telly.

This year, the extra material really leaves quite a lot to be desired. The postcards between the songs were OK for a short while, but soon became repetitive and not so very funny.

The interval sketch with Peter Stormare and Nanne Grönwall was better than the sketches in the Finnish selection, but that means nothing. Black and white still shots of a tractor would be better. Quite a bit from funny.

As for the songs - like I wrote earlier, they were very well produced and meticulously assembled. What I still miss is that tiny bit of soul, that beating heart.

Do I sound grumpy? That is what happens when not a single one of my personal favourites go straight to the final.

In a way, I really like it when the televoters surprise me. I really did not think they would vote Swingfly all the way to the Globe. But I would have preferred Le Kid.

Or Jenny Silver.

And Dilba in last place? That is the given fate for radio hits that won't hit home on the first listening.

Danny danced his way into the final. A great performance, indeed. But not a great song.

I do sound grumpy, don't I? Let me be more precise. Compared to most national finals, Melodifestivalen is still in a league of its own. Songwise and productionwise. I am not as blown away by the songs this week as some are, I don't think it is the failure many complainers call it on Twitter.

Good, but it can still get better.

My star tonight is Marie Serneholt, making a very steady job, even when things didn't go her way. Good girl!


  1. You know, Dilba sucked seriously that night. It was no surprise for me that she didn't go on. It would have been a scandal if a performance like that would have gone on to the finals. She looked and sounded LAZY! However, the song will probably become a hit on the radio.

  2. Heya from New Zealand! I love Jenny Silver's song, I hope that gets another shot from voters.