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Friday, February 18, 2011

Let Lena get introvert and weird

Right this moment, Germany is in full swing selecting their follow-up to "Satellite". They want to defend their victory and so does Lena, last years winner, who performs all six songs in the running.

To be honest - they are not likely to proceed. Only on six occasions have the host country won on home ground, even though the host entry always recieves extra attention and quite often is considered a possible winner.

Lena isn't going to sing in Düsseldorf in order to win a second time, that would just be a huge bonus. She is there to show Europe that she is more than a one-hit-wonder. That she is capable of being a hit machine. That she can have a second successful album.

Since winning seems unlikely anyway, I would hope for Germany to dress Lena up with something far less charming this time. She has already been happy and bubbly. We know she can do that.

I'd love to see Lena go all introvert. Mystical. Eccentric. I haven't heard all six candidates, but "Taken By A Stranger" from the first semi has everything I would ask for.

It is not a winner. But it could be a hit. And it would definitely let Lena show that she has more dishes on her menu than just the sugary and sweet.

As for cementing herself in the recording industry: that battle is won already. The album containing her preselection songs have shot to no 1 in Germany this week. So why not be really brave tonight?

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