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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ukraine enters a sweet angel

After a national final modus that seems to have lasted forever, Ukraine finally selected their song for Düsseldorf last night. A special jury gave their verdict together with the televoting audience and somewhat surprisingly the victory went to a ballad.

Mika Newton - Angel (Ukraine 2011)

The winner is indeed angelic and has a very powerful voice. The ballad is ambitious, well assembled and impeccably performed.

And yet the whole thing is so disappointing.

Don't get me wrong - Ukraine can send anyone they find fitting. But for many years, they have entered wild and crazy acts, party stompers who will trash your fiesta, dance on the tables and never leave.

Ukraine has been so much fun and I am not mad about this serious path they are going down now. And I have a hard time forgiving them for not offering us the wonderfully wacko Jamala.

Jamala - Smile (Ukraine NF 2011)

And whatever you do - don't miss her hysterically bouncy and psychedelic video clip. A personal favourite for years to come.

Jamala - Smile

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