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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Denmark will do the same thing again

Ever since DR published the ten candidates for tonight's Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, people I know and whose opinions I value have been going bananas over the quality of the songs. How mindblowing the Danish lineup is.

Today, I finally had the time to lend them an ear. And "mindblowing" wouldn't be the first word I would use.

I find the four songs currently in the lead in DR's online poll to be incredibly antiseptic, lacking a lot in the originality department. Two are them sound like your typical melodifestivalen reject with a very slick production trying to make up for the absence of pulse or emotion.

A bit further down the list, I find a couple of songs that would make more original choices. Anne Noa, Jeffrey and Stine Kinck all have a certain quirk that could help distinguish them from the lot in Düsseldorf.

But we all remember last year, when Denmark landed in (a largely undeserved) fourth place with a typical melodifestivalen reject.

It seems pretty likely that Denmark will go for the same formula again, hoping to score solid points with some Swedish leftovers. Not my cup of tea, but it could work again.

Too bad if it does, then why would Danish singers and songwriters bother to send in songs next year?

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