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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Paradise Oskar - and goodnight Euroviisut

Two days have passed since the final of Euroviisut, where Paradise Oskar aka Axel Ehnström was selected to defend the blue and white colours in Düsseldorf.

I'm still excited, not only by the song but also by the mere fact that a young man can sit at home and write a little song that goes all the way to the top without any help from the music establishment.

But the Saturday result puts the finger on exactly why it is time for Yle to dynamite away the current preselection system once and for all. This system is based on the premise that the record labels send in their best singers and best songs on offer.

Obviously, they have not done so for a couple of years. The final top three - Paradise Oskar, Saara Aalto and Father McKenzie - have all produced their entries by themselves while none of the record label products reached the super final.

A system designed to please the record companies, but that said companies ignore? Useless. Time to scrap it an invent a new formula that will result in better show and better entertainment.

For Finland's sake! This year it all ended well despite the lack of label interest, but such luck is unlikely to last...

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