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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spain 2011: not a top ten candidate

Spain has selected its entry for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest out of nine entries on offer, spread over three singers found through a televised talent search.

The winner is Lucía Perez with the song "Que me quiten lo bailao" and it sounds like this:

Lucía Perez - Que me quiten lo bailao (Spain 2011)

At one point on the show, Lucía stated that she would feel more comfortable singing another of her given songs rather than this one, but that is not necessarily a bad sign. Last year's winner Lena would have preferred to go to Oslo with "Love Me", a song that clearly would not have won there.

In this case, I guess it mattered a whole lot less. The selected entry is a happy piece of fluff that does possess a tiny hook (the pretty repetitive "o-u-o-u-o-u-oh") but that is likely to sink without a trace in the final.

Lightweight and anonymous, it is somehow the Spanish equivalent of the UK sending Josh Dubovie under the pretence they were making an effort.

Surely not a nul-pointer in the making, but Spain is unlikely to end anywhere close to top ten in Düsseldorf and should really consider scrapping the national finals for next year and select a star internally instead.

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