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Monday, February 7, 2011

My dream team for France

Yes, yes. I know this is wishful thinking. Not in any way connected to reality.

But let's play with the idea a bit. Let's say that France3 would have thought of something else than a young opera singer doing a bolero in Corsican.

Maybe they would have wanted something of a small pop sensation.

Maybe they could have pulled the same threads that lead to Patricia Kaas participating in 2009?

Maybe they could have had Mylène Farmer with a song by Red One? It could even have sounded something along the lines of this?

Mylène Farmer - Oui mais... non

Maybe it wouldn't have been totally unthinkable after all? Red One has an eye on Eurovision and has a song in the running in Sweden. Mylène is, just like Patricia, as big as can be in France. Every crumb of pan-european exposure would be pure bonus.

It would have been so nice.

But anyway - and I really mean this - I have a very good feeling about Amaury Vassili and his "Sonniu" as well. Hopefully the French will be far from chanceless in Düsseldorf, despite many fans on the net counting the out already.

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