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Friday, February 18, 2011

Lena 2011: Germany did the right thing

Lena will sing "Taken By A Stranger" on home ground to defend the German colours on May 14th.

A difficult, demanding, minimalist and introvert song that some people will clearly hate. And many others will love it. For the very same reasons.

It is so much better to stir up real emotion in people rather than being nice and inoffensive, trying to please everyone. Nice and sopophoric live next door to one another.

Lena's production company takes her songs off YouTube as soon as they land there, but you can hear the German entry on the official webpage here .

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  1. Fantastic song and a full worthy follow-up. How easy it would have been to go with a "Boom-bang-a-a-bang"-entry, but they resisted that, thank God!