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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tonight: 23 songs in Bulgaria

Tonight, Bulgaria will have their pick and select their Eurovision hopeful in a grand national final. More grand than most.

23 songs will be in the running, which is close to a record in a national final held on one night.

Many countries have a hard time coughing up ten song or so that would be up to standard and if the songs are not good enough, 23 candidates will make a very, very, very long evening.

Not that Bulgaria wouldn't know their pop music, though. They only qualifyed for the final once, but those results are decieving. Bulgarian entries have usually been modern and progressive, possibly lacking that last tiny hook that would trigger people to vote for them.

I hope they will stick to the direction and send us something bold and brave. And then I hope we would all vote for it, for a change.

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