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Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Austria should have done

Austria is sending a polite little ballad to Eurovision, closely related to the euro-fied Whitney Houston-offshoots we had so many of in the ESC in the 90's.

In second and third place, they left entries that were progressive, fun, original and remarkable. Novelty acts? Pehaps so, but with chart potential.

Trackshittaz - Oida taunz! (Austria NF 2011, 2nd place)

And my big favourite, left in third place, the Austro-British co-operation that sounds like a mash-up between Alf Poier and Les Fatals Picards and yet so much better. The added PR-factor of Joe Sumner being the son of Sting wouldn't have hurt either.

Klimmstein feat Joe Sumner - Paris Paris (Austria NF 2011, 3rd place)

The Austrian final was overall a modern and inspired affair, clearly one of the best national finals this season. Then why is it so that a strong line-up in a national final so often results in a middle-of-the-road choice?

Nadine Beiler is safe and sings well, but will not stand out in any way in Düsseldorf.

I still hope she will make it to the final, to keep ORF in a good mood. I would not mind seeing an Austrian final per year of this calibre.

Nadine Beiler - The Secret Is Love (Austria 2011)

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  1. hey tobias :) it's Mia here. you might recollect me from last year hihi :)
    well, me as Austrian girl.. I really support your opinion. Trackshittaz and Klimmstein were also my favourites that night and i votet for both of them. Here in Austria Trackshittaz are our new kind of Back Street Boys.. there is just a Trackshittaz HYPE !! you can't imagine how big they are in Austria, so everybody thought: well, maybe the hype would jump over to Europe.. but duh.. they missed it. i think it was a bit of jobbery in it.. because nobody liked nadine beiler, despite of the ORF Jury... =/