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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Estonia 2011: a very stylish final

The last Estonian final I attended was 2008, which had an acceptable level of songs but ended in a disaster result. The last one I saw was 2009, which was a disaster final, awfully produced, which happened to produce a quality winner.

Now I was back in 2011, and was very pleasantly surprised by what I saw and heard. I stated already a couple of days ago that the average level of the entries was satisfactory, and tonight ETV offered us a treat.

The show was very nicely produced, well presented, full of creative camera work and inspired little ideas all over the place. The filler material was not bad and the result had quite some suspense to it.

And what a dream result! My top two songs made it to the superfinal, where the smarter choice won and my personal favourite ended in second place.

This means Estonia has the best of chances to make an impression internationally, and I will have my personal favourite to treasure and cherish without having to defend it to people who will understand nothing of it.

(Too bad my third favourite Mimicry ended last, but they are probably quite pleased with being too far out for the general viewer.)

A very happy ending to a professionally produced final. Why can't Yle produce anything like this when tiny Estonia is able (and remember that their tv company is small and has no money)?

Getter Jaani - Rockefeller street (Estonia 2011)

And as a special bonus, my favourite that ended in second place:

Outloudz - I Wanna Meet Bob Dylan (Estonia NF 2011)

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