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Thursday, February 3, 2011

San Marino has selected Senit

The Sammarinese broadcaster is not only back in Eurovision after a two-year break, they also intend to make a bit of a difference in the line-up.

Just like Luxembourg and Monaco used to do in their heyday, San Marino won't let their humble size stop them from being a contender in the ESC. Instead of participation with a local entry that nobody votes for, they have approached a chart act with international potential.

Senit has three albums to her credit since her career started some ten years ago. Born in Italy by Eritrean parents, she has had roles in musicals in Germany and Switzerland before launching her Italian career. She has cooperated with ESC-connected names like Massimo Ranieri and Maurizio Fabrizio, and two years ago she started recording in English.

Senit - Party On The Dancefloor

Sammarinese television has boldly stated that their intention this time around is not only securing a good result in Düsseldorf, but also have chart success all over the continent.

Which is exactly how small nations should play it. If Eurovision participation can generate success and a hit (and loads of extra publicity for your country), then it is worth so much more than just sending a polite little entry that will stay in the semis. Well done!

Senit's official website can be found here .

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