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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweden, semi 1: the songs in full

The downside of having guests over is that you don't have all day to dig into the full length clips available on SVT's website. So these are my first impressions after one single listening of the songs in full.

1. DILBA - Try Again
Great electrosound, very sophisticated vocals and effects. But will this song have the punch to make the audience vote for it? Maybe it is lacking a certain something in the surprise department. Not a bad start at all, however.

2. SWINGFLY - Me And My Drum
Another song with a very strong electronical influence, sounds very much like Teddybears Sthlm. Not surprising, since Swingfly has cooperated with just them. And not bad, since they are a top act in Sweden. Sticky chorus, but there is a certain risk that this will be a bit too jaunty and rose cheeked come live broadcast.

3. JENNY SILVER - Something In Your Eyes
It is not exactly shocking to hear a song like this in a Swedish national selection, and the short snippet did little more than irritate me. Too much Abba, too stereotypical. The full lenght version makes me far more forgiving. If there has to be an Abba pastiche, it is so much better when it is as cleverly assembled as this one.

Tonight's big fat question: is it an advantage to be a webjoker? At least a group of people will already have heard your song. Is it a disadvantage? You are an amateur and that will show in comparison to the other acts. Once you hear the song, you realise this question isn't relevant. This song is just too tame and bleak to stand a chance in competition. Pleasant, but that's all.

5. LE KID - Oh My God
Modern pop aiming for the charts with a distinct flavour of the 60's. Clearly an advantage to stay out of the electro-competition tonight. (I never thought there would be such an abundance of electronical sounds in Melodifestivalen.) Colourful and probably as appealing to grandma as to the kids.

6. RASMUS VIBERG - Social Butterfly
No shadow over charming Rasmus Viberg, but this is what the Swedish composers do worst: ripping something successful from the past or trying to write something inspired with eastern flavours. If Alexander Rybak watches tonight, this is the part where he will blush. A weak Fairytale ripoff, tonight's weakest apart from the web joker.

This week's only song in Swedish. A huge benefit, coming this late in the running also. It feels like the kind of song that Swedish radio will play until the CD turns to dust in the player. In this line-up it also comes across as pretty honest and genuine, a quality that usually pushes buttons with the Swedish televoters.

8. DANNY - In The Club
If the people present on location are to believed, Danny put on one of the slickest shows ever shown in a Swedish final. He will need it to sell this monotonous piece of dance pop. The kind of song that will work fine on the commercial radio when you have grown to like it. The popularity of Danny will help a lot, but will it be enough?

My prediction:
The question is how big Danny's fanbase really is. There are three entries fighting it out for the electropop vote tonight, will the voters be enough for them all?

I think Danny and Jenny Silver will dance their way into the final thanks to their performing skills. Le Kid and Pernilla Andersson will get a second chance in Andra Chansen.

I really like Dilba's entry, but I fear it is too polished and sophisticated, and I fear that Dilba herself is not popular enough with the big crowds. She will land in fifth place but hopefully the song will blossom into a radio hit.

The broadcast starts at 20.00 CET on SVT1, SVT World and the Melodifestivalen website .

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