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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweden, semi 4: a tradition will get broken

The last three winners of Melodifestivalen have all sung in the fourth and last semi, and then one could suspect that SVT would have saved some fantastically strong bombshell of a song on purpose for this week's extravaganza. To keep up with the tradition.

After a first listening through the short previews, it doesn't look like it at all.

Unless one or two of these entries spread fantastic wings and develop into real show stoppers in a breathtaking last minute, none of them sounds like potential winners. Most of them sound good or at least OK, but nothing really stays after 60 seconds.

Love Generation and Melody Club show the greatest promise, but when the clip is over I don't remember anything. Linda Bengtzing sounds like she always does, like it or not. Julia Alvgard has a good song, but seems to have a lot less energy in her voice compared to the webjoker final.

Nicke Borg and Anders Fernette don't work at all for me, but everything is superior to Lasse Stefanz. Given that they would never win the final anyway, I hope that someone else than them gets the golden ticket.

It is more than enough that we have the Blue Meanies of last week in the final.

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