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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Denmark wants to win

DR has been putting a lot of effort into making good national finals for the last few years, and after the fourth place in Oslo last year it seems they really want to win.

I made thumbs down for that plan yesterday after listening briefly to all ten songs in the running, dismissing most songs as dull and lacking in profile.

Now the winner has been chosen and maybe I have to eat some of my words.

A Friend In London - New Tomorrow (Denmark 2011)

The winner has grown on me considerably, especially as the lead singer adds quite a lot of the personality I thought the whole thing lacked when listening to the audios. Visually, this is not bad.

However, I was never a big fan of this whole anthemic rock ballad idea, and given all the fantastic entries written by Lise Cabble in the past this is nowhere near to as strong as her best output.

Denmark will sail safely into the final and there, just like 2010, a lot will depend on how lucky they are in the draw and how many other songs of this kind they have to face competition from.

A Friend In London could go very far. But for my personal liking, I think it is enough that Love Shine A Light won once already.

Katrina & The Waves - Love Shine A Light (United Kingdom 1997)

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