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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Polly Genova for Bulgaria

I went to bed instead of waiting out a Bulgarian winner, as the quick recap didn't look all too promising.

Woke up to seeing Polly Genova getting selected, and listened to the live version of her song, which did very little for me.

But there we go again - this is a typical mistake to make. The quality of the clip was poor, the sound was poor and I have a feeling the sound production was not too hot either.

When I listen to a studio version of a song, it sounds much better.

Polly Genova - Na inat (Bulgaria 2011)

A bit of commercial slightly aggressive radio rock à la P!nk and others, with a very recognisable piano in the arrangement.

With a bit of luck in the draw, maybe Bulgaria could make it to the final this time.

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