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Friday, February 4, 2011

Deen was (a bit too) bang-up-to-date

The first ten participations of Bosnia-Herzegovina didn't bring much luck or success. For the first years, quite naturally, most people were just stunned and happy that the Bosnians could be with us at all. When the war was over, most Bosnian entries were instead regarded with indifference and a lack of interest.

Then came Deen.

A local pop star with a past in a boy band who almost made it to Jerusalem in 1999, but ended third in the national final. After a few solo attempts in the national league, he was selected internally to represent the country in Istanbul 2004.

Five songs were performed on a tv special, and the winning song was "In The Disco", a happy little number written by Vesna Pisarovic, who had sung for Croatia two years earlier.

Deen and his decadent club culture made more than one jaw drop. Nobody had expected this kind of music from Bosnia-Herzegovina. So modern. So vibrant. So daring. Maybe a bit too much of all three at the time, but Deen ended up with a ninth place.

Deen - In The Disco (Bosnia-Herzegovina 2004 preview)

I can't help thinking that Deen would have felt even more modern today. This kind of electro pop has made it big and manages today to be both edgy and mainstream at the same time.

Maybe the television centre in Sarajevo should consider giving Deen a new chance in 2012?

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