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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Israel 2011: Dana is back

It is not necessarily a wise thing to come back to Eurovision once you've won the whole thing.

Niamh Kavanagh will probably understand what I mean. Charlotte Perrelli would agree. And even if their comebacks were more successful, Isabelle Aubret, Izhar Cohen and Carola would emphasise that winning a second time around is not as easy as one might think.

Now Dana International, winner of 1998 and one of the most groundbreaking participants ever, had decided to give it another go behind the microphone.

She co-wrote the 2008 Israeli entry for Boaz Mauda, and now she will enter the national final, the famous Kdam, with the song "Ding Dong".

Dana was selected internally to represent Israel in Birmingham in 1998, but three years earlier she tried her luck at the Kdam, reaching second place.

Dana International - Laila tov Eropa (Israel 1995 NF)

Sorry for the quality of the clip, it was the only one available on YouTube. Sorry for a few sick notes as well - vocal perfection was never Dana's thing.

She was scheduled to take part in the 1996 Kdam as well with a song called "Agada", withdrawn before the final. Does anyone know if she ever recorded it? Is it any good?

After a very tight voting, where the last set of 12 points (awarded by the spokeswoman in Skopje), Dana won and scored one of the biggest commercial hits to come out of Eurovision in the 90's.

Dana International - Diva (Israel 1998)

For reasons best known by Dana and her team, the success didn't lead to continued international stardom. There was never any credible follow-up single until many months later and Dana remained a one-hit-wonder in most territories.

Will this be her second time lucky? Or will she get stuck alreay in the national final?

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