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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angie Dylan would have deserved to win

The youngest participant in the 1987 Belgian preselection, organised by the Flemish broadcaster BRT (later VRT), was 17-year old Angie Dylan.

Her song was also the most youthful and modern one in the running, with a pulsating rhythm and an energetic brass section in top form. One look at the juries was enough to tell that this was far too much to go down with victory.

Angie also had to face cheerful Bart Kaëll (ending in second place) and the unstoppable Eurovision mutant monster that is "Soldiers of Love" by Liliane St Pierre.

She also had to face her own lack of experience and stage confidence. Too bad, as her song remains one of the best ones ever rejected by Belgium. (And Flanders have rejected more good songs that they have selected, mind you.)

Had she competed in a less competitive year, maybe Angie would have had a chance of winning. Too bad, she - and above all her song - would have deserved a victory.

Angie Dylan - 17 (Belgium NF 1987)

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