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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Latvia 2011: a good start

Last night, as my full focus was kept on Sweden's melodifestival, another country close to Finland started their semi final lead-up to Eurovision.

Latvia offered ten songs of which five qualified for the national final in Ventspils on February 26, and the five selected are a very good start.

Latvia has this peculiar sense of style and owns their very own pop nerve, a thing that has worked wonders in Eurovision on a few occasions. They have no less than three top five placings since their debut in 2000, which is impressive.

Lately, the Latvian quirk has not given satisfactory results internationally. Their last two entries have ended last in the ESC semis. Most unfair, but life is like that.

Maybe this time will be different, as last night not only displayed quirk and a good mood, but also a few choruses with hooks.

"Hop" (written by the late Martins Freimanis) is clearly a contender with a hook you can grip at once, but my favourite for now is D-Family. They offer an original sound, very good voices and a chorus that sticks to my mind and leaves me wanting more.

They would not look bad at all in Düsseldorf.

D-Family - Daylight (Latvia NF 2011)

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