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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweden, semi 3: Saade and The Blue Meanies

It can't possibly have surprised anyone to see Eric Saade make it straight to the final on Saturday night. There was such a build-up around his song and his number - anything but being the most voted one in the semi would have been an undescribable flop.

Sadly enough, he was joined by The Playtones, a rockabilly dance band with another version of what Brolle already took to the final last week. And it still makes me think of Belgium 2009 .

Marie Serneholt referred to them as the Blue Man Group, others have mentioned the Smurfs. The Playtones rather remind me of the Blue Meanies in the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine"-movie.

As for the rest, I predicted the top five correctly since 2003 or so, even if I had them in the wrong order. Sara Varga made it to Andra Chansen instead of Sebastian which is fair and square by me. Blame it on the bossanova.

Shirley's Angels sang well but probably confused the audience with too much posing and choreography that didn't quite go with the song.

On the total, it seems that the show gets in the way for quite a few of the songs to be honest. In my opinion, Saade's winning number was a lot better without him breaking the glass walls. Maybe that seemed like a hot thing on paper but looked silly on-screen.

As for my personal favourite Linda Sundblad, she ended in 6th place. Not that I expected her to do better in this line-up. Last week in Gothenburg, she could probably have made it to Andra Chansen at least.

Sara Lumholdt couldn't deliver in the end, and Simon Forsberg would have needed something decent to sing.

Next week will see the fourth and last semi, but the question is already: can anyone stop Saade now?

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  1. I think the answer is yes... someone can stop Saade. At least I hope someone can!