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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Preview clip: a good year for the Hellenic

1992 was indeed a good year for entries in Greek. In fact, the two songs entered in Greek are both big favourites of mine (and possibly the two best songs in the running that year).

They also had very well made preview clips, where the sound is better than the sound technicians managed in Malmö.

So here goes, the two of them. Nostalgia and love!

Kleopatra - Olou tou kosmou i elpida (Greece 1992 preview)

Evridiki - Teriazoume (Cyprus 1992 preview)

And just for the comparison, this is what they sounded and looked like in the blue laser lights in Malmö:

Kleopatra - Olou tou kosmou i elpida (Greece 1992)

Evridiki - Teriazoume (Cyprus 1992)

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