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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lithuania 2011: Sasha wants to do it again

Also Lithuania staged their first semi final yesterday, with three songs advancing the grand final.

Among the qualifiers, one can not Sasha Song who represented Lithuania in Moscow two years ago (even if the last part of his stage name was only Son back then). He apparantly enjoyed his three minutes in the ESC limelight and wants to score even better this time.

It could work, since he, according to the lyrics, is both a hero and a winner. Let's see what his fellow Lithuanians make of that. The lad sings well, anyhow, and this is what his performance looked like.

Sasha Song - The Slogan Of Our Nation (Lithuania NF 2011)

The other two qualifyers were another big ballad by a young woman with a big voice an an energetic pop group with a great deal of positive energy but not so much of a song.

It doesn't quite look like Vilnius 2012 as yet, but not a bad start.

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