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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I will catch up - eventually

Tonight is a very busy selection night with semis in Sweden and Croatia, while Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia and Denmark will select their entries for Düsseldorf.

I will keep my computer shut as I will first watch Melodifestivalen, then switch over to my digibox and see the Estonian final time-delayed. (Don't you just love modern technology.)

I hope everyone choses the best songs on offer (I reviewed Estonia and Latvia in detail earlier in the week, as for the other ones: Best of luck!)

Opinions on the selected songs will be written in due time (late tonight or possibly tomorrow) and possible comments from readers will be approved about that same time.

Bear with me. And enjoy this brilliant Estonian eurovision reject while waiting!

Eha - Gotta Go (Estonia NF 2005)

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