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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweden, semi 1: first impressions

I was determined to write my full review and prediction for tonight's grand opening of Melodifestivalen 2011, but persistent rumours tell me the songs will be available in full from SVT's website later in the afternoon.

I would be a fool not to wait for that, it is almost impossible to judge any song after here just a short piece of it.

But what are my first impressions after hearing the snippets shown on the web Thursday night? It is different in the sense that most things sound more modern and produced than in the past.

Contemporary sounds, especially the electropop sound that Robyn and others have made popular on a broad basis, are very present among tonight's entries.

What I miss so far is a bit of a beating heart. Sweden's most acute problem lately could probably be analysed down to the fact that their entries are elegant, technically flawless and presented in the latest fashion, but often percieved by the televoters as a bit cold and distant.

What goes for elegant in Sweden can easily be seen as lifeless in more passionate parts of Europe.

Let's see if the impression changes once we get to hear the songs in full. Not to mention when we see them live on television tonight.

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