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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Iceland 2011: a tribute to Sjonni

Yes, it was not a success when Selma came back after her second place to better herself in 2005. She missed the semi final and perhaps she missed a tiny bit of her Eurovision glory somehow.

Maybe Yohanna is better off not winning after all.

And it is a heart warming thing that the song penned by the late Sigurjón "Sjonni" Brink won in the end. A sweet song, performed by some of his best friends.

Sjonni's Friends - Aftur heim (Iceland 2011)

I usually think it is a good thing to select your national entry more according to what your heart is telling you rather than what you think might be a hit internationally. I would be very surprised if "After heim" would result in Iceland's first victory.

I just hope that Iceland selected the song because they love it and not because of the recent events and the untimely death of the composer. I also hope that the Icelandic delegation will play down the background story as much as only possible come Düsseldorf.

What is a sweet tribute could very easily turn into a morbid and disgusting gimmick. I trust the good judgement of RUV that they won't allow that to happen.

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