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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Latvia 2009: when you don't feel like being charming

There are many easy ways of getting instant apprecation at Eurovision. You can sing about peace. You can dress in white. You can bring children on stage (or you could, until the 1990 rule change).

Pretty easy, right?

Sending in an aggressive piece of punk rock about a traffic jam? Nah, maybe not a sure winner in my book.

Intars Busulis - Sastrēgums (Latvia 2009 national final performance)

Latvians aren't like everybody else, though. So they decided Intars Busulis was the perfect choice to send to Moscow in 2009.

In a way, he was. Latvia had no intention of being deliberately charming in Moscow. Their national television considered withdrawing due to Russian foreign policies and were talked into the contest by the EBU at a late stage.

The lyrics talk about doing what you are not supposed to do. Refuse to be stuck in the eternal traffic jam. Hop over the cars instead.

Intars Busulis - Probka (Latvia 2009 preview)

To make sure that the Russian hosts would understand this refusal to accept things the way they are and fight for what you believe in, it was decided for Intars to sing in Russian in Moscow.

Language aside - on the night nobody understood. The Latvian punk confused the audience and maybe Intars himself was a bit too over-excited to make the song full justice.

"Probka" ended last in its semi final. That is when happens when you don't aim to please.

I don't care - for me this is a classic. I find it bold and daring, and I think Intars Busulis is a fabulous performer. Very charming, even when he has set his mind of being the opposite.

Intars Busulis - Probka (Latvia 2009)

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