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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Slovenia 2011: a second chance for Omar?

The build-up for the national final is starting also elsewhere than in Sweden. Slovenia recently staged a draw to determine the order of appearance in EMA 2011, the final where the national televoters exclusively will decide who goes to Düsseldorf for Slovenia.

I have always had a soft spot fot this delightful little country that is Slovenia, and I have always hoped for them to do well. The two last years gave me very little in return for my hopes, though.

In 2009, the Slovenian entry was a never ending intro, four men playing on violins until their background singer was finally let in to sing a few lines. By then, the song was already beyond salvation. 2010 was even worse, with it novelty mixture of old rock and alpine yodel.

Good news then, that RTVSLO has taken a more firm grip over their own selection and invited teams to take part instead of contenting themselves with what they get sent in.

Now I hope for a really good song to win, and I wouldn't mind if it was performed by Omar Naber. He made a very good impression in Kyiv 2005, and if the semi final hadn't been so unbelievably competitive that year, he would have been in the final.

He should have been, anyway. "Stop" is possibly my all-time favourite from Slovenia.

Omar Naber - Stop (Slovenia 2005)

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