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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lithuania 2011: Evelina and her life

Lithuania has selected Evelina Sašenko to represent them at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with the big ballad "C'est ma vie".

Evelina Sašenko - C'est ma vie (Lithuania 2011)

Lithuania has had a somewhat problematic run in the ESC with only one top ten finish since their 1994 debut (a debut that resulted in nul points). Since the introduction of the semi finals, Lithuania has been in the grand final three times.

If Europe is looking for impressive vocal chords this year, then Evelina is a solid choice. Trained in both jazz and opera, she is a powerful vocalist, bringing especially Lara Fabian to mind (or is it just the French?) in the higher notes.

Lara Fabian - Je t'aime

However, I don't think the song in question would have excited Lara Fabian. It reminds me of the long ballad introduction of the Barbra Streisand/Donna Summer duet "Enough Is Enough", without ever developing into anything else.

A big ballad, like they often were in the 90's when countries wanted decent placings but not victory. Very nicely sung, but hardly a vote magnet come May.

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