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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweden, semi 4: Tobson predicts

Even a diligent euroblogger such as I must have a life also outside of cyberspace. Therefore, I have not had time to hear the full versions of the songs at all today. But one must predict the outcome anyway.

Based on the 60 second clips published Thursday, this would be my prediction for tonights edition of Melodifestivalen.

To the final:
Melody Club and Linda Bengtzing

Both are established acts with wide fan bases from every angle and assortment of the audience. Neither one competes with the highlight of their respective careers, but Sanna Nielsen already proved beyond the shadow of a doubt in her semi that things like that won't matter in the end.

To Andra Chansen:
Love Generation and Nicke Borg

The bold choices will appeal to many but not enough people to make it all the way. Nicke Borg represents a genre that many have fond memories of (radio rock of the 80's) while Love Generation will be a bit too modern and polished to mobilise the masses. It won't help then that they have Lady Gaga's songwriter behind them.

Fifth place:
Linda Pritchard

This is just a wild guess. It could just as well be Anders Fernette or Lasse Stefanz, but I have a feeling that Linda will get the upper hand on them in the first round of voting.

Lost after the first round:
Anders Fernette, Lasse Stefanz and Julia Alvgard

Anders is dull but has talent show exposure since before. Lasse Stefanz are completely charmless, but are one of Sweden's top selling dance orchestras. Both of them could surprise tonight. Only Julia Alvgard, runner-up in the webjoker heat, is completely helpless in this heat.

She is not the worst one in the running, but she has everything against her: the starting position, her lack of experience and the loss of energy that seems to have happened to her song since the raw demo.

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