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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Five countries select for Düsseldorf tonight

We are slowly getting a better idea what the line-up in Düsseldorf will look like as more and more countries decide their entries.

Tonight another five flowers will be added to the bouquet as Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Malta and Finland will have their pick. After Ireland threw some spice into the soup last night, I hope these countries also will go for something youthful, inspiring and temperamental.

A closer review of Finland is to follow. As for the others, I content myself with a little tribute in the form of some personal favourites from the broadcasters in question.

Bendik Singers - It's Just A Game (Norway 1973)

So much bounce and so much fun wrapped up in one little entry. I also absolutely love Anne Karine Strøm, but I will get back to her at some later point.

Telex - Euro-vision (Belgium 1980)

A very, very, very daring choice: modern, provocative, minimalist and, of course, totally chanceless. That doesn't matter a bit, Telex are heroes and it is the attitude that counts.

Helen & Joseph - L-imħabba (Malta 1972)

Adorable mediterranean disco in a lovely language (when will we get to hear Maltese sung at Eurovision again?) that manages to sound both familiar and exotic at the same time. A most undeserved last place in Edinburgh.

Selma - If I Had Your Love (Iceland 2005)

Selma came back trying to better her second place but didn't get out of the semi final. Maybe a word of warning before selecting Yohanna tonight, but Selma should never have failed in Kyiv. Modern, energetic and brilliantly composed, but it didn't quite work out on-stage. A shame, but a very good attempt.

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