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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bosnia-Herzegovina 2011: like a piece of art

Last night, the national broadcaster of Bosnia-Herzegovina presented its entry for Düsseldorf at a tv special. The performer has been known for quite some time - it is Dino Merlin who already represented the country in Jerusalem in 1999.

He also wrote their first ever as an independent country at war in 1993.

Dino Merlin - Love In Rewind (Bosnia-Herzegovina 2011)

Bosnia started taking their participations seriously in 2004 (when they ended a series of politically tainted national finals and started internal selections instead - all entries but one has since been internally selected) and has since then developed their very own trademark.

They often send in high-quality, somewhat quirky, entries that offer something special both musically and visually: Hari Mata Hari in 2006, Laka in 2008, Regina in 2009...

"Love In Rewind" elegantly joins this group of entries. A theatrical performance, like a bit of conceptual art, underlines the simplicity and vivacity of the song.

I'm not sure this is the entry that will take us all to Sarajevo in 2012, but it will end up very high on my favourite list, for sure.

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