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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latvia: Martins Freimanis dies

Some news are just too sad and comes without a hint of a warning. The passing of Toše Proeski a few years back was one of those, and now comes another one.

Martins Freimanis, very prolific singer/songwriter, has passed away at the age of 33.

Martins was best known for Eurovison fans as part of F.L.Y, representing Latvia on home ground in Riga 2003. They (Martins, Lauris Reninks and Yana Kay) were one of the top favourites for victory but only scored five points and ended in 24th place out of 26.

F.L.Y - Hello From Mars (Latvia 2003)

Two years later, Martins met with greater success when he wrote the Latvian entry for Kyiv. Walters & Kazha took his song to fifth place on the night of the final.

Walters & Kazha - The War Is Not Over (Latvia 2005)

He also took part a number of times as performer and/or songwriter in national finals, in addition to releasing albums with the band Tumsa and also did acting both for tv and film.

I can't even think of a clever twist to end this text, it is just very sad.

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  1. Wow. Both fantastic songs, and to die so young. :(