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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Apologies for Iceland and Norway

When I was younger, I tried to follow every single national final that went on somewhere in the world. I listened to the songs online and predicted and hoped and got myself a whole set of favourites that never won and I was so disappointed.

Since then, I slowed down a bit. I still enjoy seeing the national finals in various countries and I still get non-winning favourites that I play over and over. I just don't follow them as carefully as I used to.

And that is why I haven't spoken a word about the semis in Iceland so far. The only song I heard so far in Iceland is this one:

Yohanna - Nótt

When Yohanna comes back again after ending in second place in Moscow two years ago, then I have to lend an ear. I was never mad about "Is It True" (I thought it was good, not brilliant) and I find "Nótt" to be much better.

Is that a kiss of death or what?

The same goes for Norway - I just haven't had the time to devote to listening to all the songs. After tonight, I promise to have an opinion on at least all songs that have passed on to the respective finals in Iceland and Norway.

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