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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Israel 1990: Rita didn't impress the juries

In 1990, Israel abandoned their traditional national final and decided internally that Rita, one of the country's top singers at the time, should represent them in Zagreb, Yugoslavia.

The song, "Shara barechovot", didn't sound like the typical Israeli ESC-entry: there was no happy sound, no dancing backing group, no clearly defined chorus for people to sing along to.

Rita - Shara barechovot (Israel 1990)

When the juries have been re-introduced during the last few years, it has been in order to promote the more demanding entries that the audience may not be able to grip on a first listening. The juries in 1990 failed to do just that - they understood nothing of Rita's ambitious performance and left her with an 18th place, which was Israel's second worst showing until then.

Had the local juries back in Israel done their job properly, then Rita's ESC statistics could have been a lot more impressive. She had her big breakthough in the 1986 national final, sporting a yellow jacket that people talked about for a long time after the show, ending in 4th place with "Shvil habricha" - also a more demanding entry but with a very contemporary sound and a chorus with obvious hooks.

How would Rita have done in Bergen had she been selected in 1986?

Rita - Shvil habricha (Israel NF 1986)

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