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Sunday, January 30, 2011

UK 2011: The Blue boys are back

Finally, BBC has done what I would have wanted them to do for years already. They ditched the national final which year after year failed to produce anything the european televoters would touch with a long stick.

Instead, they have internally selected an act an a song, hoping to improve their poor placings of the past few years.

Blue is not a bad choice either. Maybe a reformed boy band doesn't sound like the hottest thing one could think up, but there are many things that could work to their advantage.

They managed to caugh up quite an impressive string of hit singles during their heyday, most of which did very well also internationally. They have experience, an enthusiastic record label and the know-how to produce a hit.

A hit song is a very good start if you want to do well at the ESC.

Some boy bands even grew better with time - Take That are, for instance, a lot more convincing after their comeback than they ever were the first time around.

Also - the last UK winner to date was produced by Katrina & The Wave, a group that hadn't scored a single chart success for at least ten years before their Dublin success. When they really tried, they managed to hatch a eurovision winner.

If "I Can" is a reasonably strong song, then everything points towards a British success in Düsseldorf. That would really be about time.

Blue feat Stevie Wonder & Angie Stone - Signed, sealed, delivered

My biggest wish would be for their song to sound a little bit less like Blue and a little more like this solo output by one of the members...

Simon Webbe - Coming Around Again

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