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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Best of luck to the Dutch

Tonight, the Dutch will select their entry for Düsseldorf, while broadcaster TROS already selected the trio 3JS internally. They will perform five songs, one of which will get the golden ticket in tonight's show. Here are short snippets of the songs in the running:

3JS - Recap of the five songs (Netherlands NF 2011)

It sounds pretty promising, in a mature pop vein, a little bit like Take That lately, but in Dutch. Snippets mean nothing, however, it gives no idea whether the songs will develop of fall flat before the three minutes are over.

And who knows the Dutch will select the best song on offer? They have not reached the final of Eurovision since 2004 (and their latest top ten was in 1999) and all of this for good reason. They have sent surprisingly weak and/or dated entries and then had their jaws drop in surprise when nobody likes them much.

But seriously, the Netherlands may have piled up an impressive total of four ESC winners, but most of the years they have had dismal placings. All through the 60's, 70's and 80's most of the years have seen the Netherlands end up in lacklustre positions.

Too often they have fallen into the trap of being funny, or too nice or too inoffensive. Most people would appreciate their songs, but they would not convince a jury. Or televoters, for that matter.

Let's hope the wind will change tonight. Wouldn't it be good to see the Dutch back on the scoreboard? Maybe even battling it out for victory? Like Edsilia did back in Birmingham?

Edsilia - Hemel en aarde (Netherlands 1998)

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  1. I like "Je vecht nooit alleen" and above all "De Stroom", not because there are Made in France but judging on the snippets, both songs have a melody that stays on mind... It sounds a bit like the New Swedish Dansbands (The Scotts, the Highlights or Date)