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Friday, January 28, 2011

Finland in desperate need of a chorus

So, the fifteen candidates in Euroviisut have been shown in the open for the entire tv audience to see and hear. And remember, if possible.

Not the easiest of tasks.

For the last few years, on thing has been alarmingly clear in Finland: the songwriters have turned lazy and consider their song ready long before they should.

Especially the more modern efforts suffer from an acute lack of hooks, effective melody lines and, above all, choruses. Choruses that stick to your head, that keeps spinning and that you can hang on to even before the first listening is over.

Far too many go to Euroviisut thinking a modern sound is enough. Wrong! In Eurovision, you have three minutes to impress and bring the house down. A radio hit, that you will recognise only after half a dozen listenings does not stand the slightest chance here.

So please, songwriters of Finland. Take your job seriously. Work on the choruses. Then work some more. And then some more. Most people do not write a global hit in fifteen minutes. Nor a Eurovision winner.

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