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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lisa missed her big chance

The following phenomenon is typical in some countries with national finals: a performer takes part and does well, but doesn't win. Then the next time they enter, they win more because of that other entry rather than the current one.

Like a bit of a consolation prize.

Karmen Stavec should know what I'm talk about. Tor Endresen likewise. And, of course, Lisa del Bo from Belgium.

Lisa del Bo - Vlinder (Belgium NF 1993)

The 1993 Belgian final was a tough race - one of the best selections ever song-wise, if you ask me. Many good, convincing, contemporary numbers, which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is not enough with a good final. You need to be able to pick a winner as well.

The Flemish have always been heartbreakingly bad at selecting the most suitable winner out of their national finals (very much like Finland or Slovenia) and so they rejected Lisa's slick and original xylophone-based pop song and opted for Barbara's ballad instead (which ended last with three points in Millstreet).

Barbara - Iemand als jij (Belgium 1993)

Three years later, Lisa del Bo was back in the national final, this time equipped with a more safe, old-fashioned kind of full-blooded schlager entry. She won quite convincingly, crushing the more modern and progressive entries in the end.

Lisa del Bo - Liefde is een kaartspel (Belgium 1996)

Playing it safe didn't help much, as the juries probably found the entry a bit too stereotypical and classic and left it in a 16th place, shared with Switzerland offering an equally over-classical ESC ballad.

Conclusion: Lisa would have been so much better off had she won her ticket the first time around. The end.

Or, not quite the end. Who would believe that "Liefde is een kaartspel" would live a life of its own and come back to the ESC again? Five years later it was good enough for fifth place in Copenhagen...

Friends - Listen To Your Heartbeat (Sweden 2001)

Quite a striking similarity, eh?


  1. When I saw the video of Friends coming up at the end of the article, I was worried you were going to say 'and then there's Friends, who lost out with their far superior MF entry När jag tänker på imorgon'. Which, no :)

  2. Wow I must say U really know your Schlager;)