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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The sweetest song about death

Lea Laven was a big star in Finland, when she took part in the 1978 national final, bidding to represent her country in Paris.

Unlike most pop or schlager stars at that time, she had not previously taken part in Euroviisut. Until now, she has never set foot in the contest again. It is as if she focused on this one time.

Most eurosongs deal with the subject of love; this one does too but in a very different way. It also talks about death, not the favourite subject for your average songwriter.

Lea Laven - Aamulla rakkaani näin (Finland NF 1978)

The lyrics, too good to translate, tells the story about a woman who met the man of her dreams, representing anything she could ever wish for, only to see him die and leave her alone again.

"If God would let me, I'd like to go away to wherever my loved one is."

In the end, Lea shared the second place with Katri Helena and another heartfelt love song, while Seija Simola won the Paris ticket with a far lesser song. In my mind, however, this is the best entry ever rejected at a Finnish final.


  1. As a country music fan, I can only approve!

  2. I also have a feeling that it, unlike most of the 1978 entries, might have sounded rather powerful with that orchestra in Paris...

  3. If only we had an alternative reality to test what would have happened if Lea had been sent to London. This song always makes me cry, half because of the lyrics, half because of her heartfelt interpretation, as if she had just lost her man. "He is dead", what a way to start a song!