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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cindy Berger is a winner

Cindy Berger formed the successful schlager duo Cindy & Bert with her then partner, and together they released quite a few albums and singles throughout the 70's. In 1974, they represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton. They only scored a humble three points and shared last place with Switzerland, Norway and Portugal.

Cindy & Bert - Die Sommermelodie (Germany 1974)

If that is all you know about Cindy Berger, then you missed out quite a bit. She had the bad luck of being sent to the ESC with a song that was perhaps not really bad, but also a far cry from having winner potential.

In 1972, however, Cindy & Bert came a very close second in the German national final in Berlin with a masterpiece of a song, that would perhaps have been a bit too raw and soulful for Edinburgh but which has become an evergreen on home ground.

Cindy & Bert - Geh' die Strasse (Germany NF 1972)

Cindy & Bert continued to sing together, they even entered a few more German finals, before splitting up both professionally and privately.

Cindy made a comeback to the German final as a solo singer in 1988 with another intense performance, again ending in second place.

Cindy Berger - Und leben will ich auch (Germany NF 1988)

There is no doubt in my mind that Cindy would have made far more of an impression in Dublin than the mother/daughter-act that pipped her at the post.

A fine performer who would have deserved a real occasion to prove herself at the ESC.

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