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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Change for Romania

Romania spent their first decade in the Eurovision Song Contest taking one blow after another, getting dismal results and very few points. For the last ten years, however, they have turned into a reliable source of europop that has been in the final every year since 2002.

The Romanians decided to hit two birds with one rock and selected their entry for Düsseldorf on New Years Eve. Two celebrations must be twice as fun as just the one.

Hotel FM - Change (Romania 2011)

The winner is a happy little ditty which possibly won't strike you as the most possible winner come May 14th, but this is where Romania's special mojo kicks in. Romania has an almost surreal way of making their entries work when it really matters.

Quite a few of the Romanian entries through the years have appeared as too lean, too light weight and too anonymous to stand out, but once the envelopes are opened they always make it in the end.

Look no further than last year, when "Playing With Fire" ended in third place without being one of the top tips for victory. I would be very surprised if Hotel FM would not make their little song hit home in the end.

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