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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Runner-up: Estonia 2006

Despite being only 18 and fairly inexperienced, Eda-Ines Etti managed to secure what was Estonia's best ever showing until then: a 4th place in a very tough competition in Stockholm 2000.

She was not willing to content herself with this, but wanted to show that she had learned her profession to perfection. In 2006, she entered a song she had written in co-operation with her brother and which sounded very much like an Estonian version of Coldplay.

Ines - Iseendale (Estonia NF 2006)

For some reason the Eurolaul performance is nowhere to be found on YouTube, but imagine an almost hypnotic rendition by a far more sophisticated and confident Ines compared to 2006.

Everybody was sure of her winning, and she was in the lead for the greater part of the voting, until the last juror gave her a very low mark and gave the overall victory to the closest contender - Sandra Oxenryd who was really Swedish.

Sandra Oxenryd - Through My Window (Estonia 2006)

In Athens, Sandra performed well but the song didn't score very well and Estonia was nowhere near a place in the final.

What if Ines had won instead, what would Europe had made of "Iseendale"? Would it have gone down a storm or would it have been to demanding for the audience?

So what did the Estonian audience make of the international juries giving Eurolaul victory to a Swede instead of Ines? Maybe they didn't care too much - had televoting decided the outcome, a completely different song would have won anyway. What if that one would have been sent off to Athens?

Meribel Müürsepp - Mr Right (Estonia NF 2006)

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