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Monday, April 20, 2015

Semi 2: 04 Montenegro

People are ungrateful. Give them what they want for a long time and sooner or later they won't want it anymore and turn to something else for their amusement.

Denmark experienced this when the 1980's came to an end and nobody wanted their apple-cheeked uptempo songs anymore. It took a long time for them to find their way back to success.

A bit like the Danes, Željko Joksimović has it coming too. Eleven years ago "Lane moje" hit Eurovision and turned the Big Bombastic Balkan Ballad into the hottest thing since sliced bread. Eleven years is a pretty impressive lifespan for any musical style at the ESC, but it seems the audience's fascination is fading slightly.

Also, Željko clearly didn't pour his heart and soul into this one. Montenegro probably called him, he asked how much they would offer and wrote a song that reached up to that standard. Knez is a nice but unremarkable performer - very much like Sergej last year - and will need a cleverly staged performance to break through to the televoting crowds.

It's nice but it's no Lane moje, to put it simple.

Yes, surely. This is likely to qualify and then place somewhere around the middle or slightly below in the final. Which is probably pretty much what it was designed to do.

My grade: 3/5

Knez - Adio (Montenegro 2015)


  1. Tbh i don't see how this is "Likely" to qualify, Last years entry was better in all departments ( Everything about him was better other than possibly vocal ability) and had more friends voting and had a better draw and still just got through and needed the jury to save them. I would say its 50/50 but thats at a maximum until we see the staging as its a very western semi final and we saw in the final last year that western juries are not great fans of Balken Ballads except if there exceptionally good ( serbia 2012).

  2. I don't really see much relevance of Montenegrin entries like this. It just seems to ride a wave that it long past flowed across the Balkans.