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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Semi 1: 12 Russia

It's a sad sign of the times that you will have to start a review in 2015 by stating the seemingly obvious, but what won't you do in order not to be misunderstood.

I have pretty strong views on things like politics. Human rights. Democracy. Minority rights. That sort of thing. That in turn means I disagree with a number of policies held by a number of countries taking part in the ESC.

I am really trying not to let that affect my views on the entries from these countries. And already last year I wrote a post on what I think about booing at Eurovision. That opinion still stands.

Russia isn't making it particularly easy for me, though. For the third year running, they enter a little song about how they don't wish anything but peace on earth. How they wish we could all see and accept that people are different and should be allowed to be so. The first verse is nothing short of dreadful. Unbearable. It feels like it is poking my eye with a dirty finger as it goes on.

After that it does improve. The chorus builds into something more personable, more interesting, less offensive. And Polina Gagarina has a magnificent presence. Imagine what she could have achieved on a Eurovision stage has she been given a real song instead of a cliché-ridden propaganda piece.

Yes. This will hit home in the right places and score consistent points without getting anywhere near a victory. Probably exactly what it was designed to do.

Grade: 2/5

Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia 2015)


  1. Russia has unbelievable amount of irony last few years... Much like Belarus, I don't want to like it but it's pulling me in...

  2. Polina is great, and it is obvious that Russia keeps sending angelic figures and propaganda messages. Probably next year there will be Russian blond triplets on stage singing of the same old "world peace". Nevertheless, Polina's song reminds of Alyosha in 2010, except that was authentic and somehow prophetic... Hogla