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Monday, April 13, 2015

Semi 1: 13 Denmark

Sometimes when a song gets selected for the ESC you start liking it more than you did when it was just a potential entry in a national final. This is probably because you get the song singled out and you suddenly pay more attention to it than you did at first.

Denmark's entry did the complete opposite in my ears. At first I thought it was OK, but then I found it a most disappointing winner. Square, unimaginative, typically happy-but-pointless like so many other Danish entries have been lately.

Then we had all the songs for Vienna presented in the right order and suddenly something happened. Something clicked between me and Danmark and suddenly I find myself humming along happily, without getting annoyed.

This lineup really needed something along the lines of what the Danes had to offer this time around. I have to just accept the sad fact that my own favourite at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix - the sublime Hotel A - probably would have sunk without a trace among the other mid tempo efforts while these lads with a slightly unhealthy Beatles complex manage to stand out.

Yes, for sure. Easy, uncomplicated and a relief since it doesn't try to be clever or impress you or demand anything complicated from you. Just sit back and relax and let the Danish mood flow all over you.

Grade: 3/5

Anti Social Media - The Way You Are (Denmark 2015)

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