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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Semi 2: 12 Iceland

I read somewhere that the colours of the Icelandic flag were chosen to represent the ice and the volcanic fire. I have no idea if it is true or not but it sounds so good I'm going to stick to that story anyway.

It has often been typical for Iceland's entries too. Icily elegant with loads of heat bubbling under the surface. How many times I loved their entries and hoped to see a final in Reykjavik.

I'm still hoping but for the last ten years or so, I've seen far too little of that musical magma going on. Iceland has gone remarkably polished and polite. Nice but not an awful lot more than that. It usually pays off enough to grant a spot in the final without resulting in any particularly impressive placing there.

This year's song fits perfectly into the formula. It's catchy and friendly - more nice than anything else - and performed in a very good mood. There are glimpses of a temper here and there but I miss the days when Silvia Night would step out in style and make everyone go crazy. It must be time soon for a bit more of beating heart and less politeness coming out of Iceland.

Yes, surely. It will get to the final and then be 15th or so there. Business as usual.

My grade: 2/5

Maria Olafs - Unbroken (Iceland 2015)

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